New Balance 890 v2 “Baddeley” Review

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New Balance 890 v2 “Baddeley” Review

After retiring my one year old Nike Dual Fusions, the search was on for a pair of quality running shoes that should at least equal the fantastic performance I’ve been getting from my K-Swiss Kwickys. A bit of time spent with my friends at RUNNR saw me leave with a pair of the much-hyped New Balance 890 v2
New Balance 890 v2 “Baddeley”

I have never owned a pair of New Balance running shoes, so this was a bit of a gamble on my part. In all honesty, what attracted me to the shoes were its colors (I took the purple ones, with the other pairs in various neon shades) and the fact that it’s a beautiful Neutral running pair. I took it for a spin on a treadmill, and immediately felt a noticeable (but not uncomfortable) stiffness on the forefoot of the shoes.

A 5k run within 24 hours of getting a pair is my usual ‘christening routine’ with new running shoes, and the New Balance 890 v2 performed superbly.

Fit and Comfort

I’m becoming a convert to the world of sock-less running, but a quick mile with the New Balance 890 v2 tells me this isn’t very advisable. Thin, ventilated running socks seem to be the best bet (they felt amazingly cool) and the shoes are perfect for those with wide feet. I’d say these are one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever ran in, and am expecting a good experience when I take them out on a half-marathon.


I’m not a huge fan of super cushioned shoes, as I feel they are too ‘clunky’. The New Balance 890 v2 weighs really light, but the ‘squish’ of the cushioning is just really comfortable. The ‘bounce’ is friendly, and it doesn’t feel too springy and I expect these shoes to still feel good on runs longer than 21km.


The diamond-cut cushioning and sole design is gorgeous. It’s really stylish, and the color (purple!) is sure to be an attention-grabber (at the very least, it has reflective edges to keep you safe on night/dawn runs). There are also water drainage holes cut into the insole, but the drainage holes on the outside are very well-camouflaged.