SEO is encompassing term which covers various important activities. While SEO comprises of different types of procedures, not many people are aware of the concept of site structure and how to SILO.
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    Managing your website and improving perfomance

    • Website Silo Design

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      When it comes to using the `SILO` approach, the site often has to use specific internal linking structures to connect the categories. This particular linking and classification approach is important to achieving the ideal search engine ranking. If this is implemented appropriately, the site should have a reasonable amount of links for the search spiders to index.

      • The SILO structure is a website management process that helps to keep the site organized and manageable.
      • Theming often starts with the process of identifying the appropriate keywords that for the site.
      Following this, you need to start structuring the content into a system and in relation to the keywords. For instance, if the site provides information on cats and you perhaps have7 content pieces that related to cats. As Google ranks the site and if you have chosen Cats as the theme, then each of the seven pages on the site will be connected based on the principal keyword. In this way, the website can be ranked easily for the best performance.
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    Keyword Research & Classifying Keywords into Sile

    You need to identify the keywords the will attract the most visitors. Ensure that you use not more than four tiers since this will help to keep your site more manageable

    Grouping Keywords

    this makes it easier to classify and to use the keywords in the site structure. Ensure that you classify the keywords into relevant and simple categories for added convenience.

    Content Development

    this is an important process. You need high-quality content that incorporates the appropriate SEO strategies. Google crawlers often evaluate the content quality level on your site which plays a major role in search rankings.

    Planning your Current SEO Strategy

    You also need to implement active SEO techniques to ensure that your site ranks highly and attracts the best results. The planning process requires sufficient deliberation before you can decide to settle on any particular solution.