The 3 Elements of a Marketable Blog

What would you feel if you were labeled ‘a loot-bag blogger’? How about ‘a sell-out blogger’? It hurts, doesn’t it? More than that, it’s bad for your digital reputation and possible financially rewarding blogging – which means lost opportunities to attract the right kind of loyal, engaging, and social audience. It’s time to think outside of the ‘old school’ way of creating a marketable blog.
How to Create a Marketable Blog

Quick: What’s the most memorable ad you’ve ever seen on a blog? None? That’s because you’re probably like me; conditioned to seeing banner ads over and over again on virtually every blog out there. Selling too many ad spaces may create the impression that you are using your website as a cash cow – and may turn off PR agencies and on-the-hunt Community Managers. Attracting potential readers AND business is about establishing three important things.

Establish Authority

Digital authority relies a lot on actual knowledge. See, on the Internet, Average Joe can just Google for what he’s looking for. If he finds you, hey good job on the SEO but is he going to stay on your blog and find what he’s looking for? Worse, what if Average Joe is an industry expert? To establish yourself as a voice in your particular online niche/community, you have to put in the time and effort to study/learn of and about it, or perhaps be mentored by someone who is. Great blogs influence because they have earned their clout and perhaps niche domination over time.
Establish Image

It’s a fact: it’s cool to monetize your blog. A hobby or passion that pays off makes it more enjoyable in my opinion. Having said that, a blogger wishing to market his/her blog should be attracting the right kind of attention from PR specialists or digital agencies. Your chances increase greatly if you have the following:

a professional-looking, user-friendly website
common writing etiquette (spelling, grammar)
understandable and ‘suited to your personality’ topics
regular articles or blog posts (activity)
number of sponsored posts
social influence
Always ask: would you enjoy visiting and reading your own blog? Does it give off your own real-world personality and image? Are you writing too many paid posts? Do you have your own ‘flavor’? Do people share your articles? If your blog is unique for all the right reasons, the likelihood of it becoming a marketable blog increases.

Establish Reputation

If you’ve ever written a sponsored post, then you know all about contracts and agreements. A reputable blogger is one who uses a press release as a guide-rope, not a content source. Above anything, it’s important to be honest when reviewing a product, a consumer item, or even an experience (like travel). Nothing good to say about the product? Give constructive builds. This is much better than playing up made-up strengths! Individuals scouting for blogs to tap as influence partners research on timeliness, history of sponsors (if any), and word-of-mouth sentiments – in fact, that’s how I would search for bloggers. Remember that a marketable blog begins with its blogger.


Be realistic. It takes a lot of time, effort, and hard-earned knowledge and experience to become a powerful voice with your digital audience. Don’t forget to take time to build networks as well and share your own content!
Be a reader. Find all the attributes that you like from blogs you enjoy – then find a way to apply or integrate these attributes for your own blog, making it more enjoyable for your readers.
Be professional. A marketable blog is not a billboard. It’s where people searching for information find compelling, interesting, and helpful content – as well as an extension of the blogger’s personality.