Learn from the Best – Create a Successful Entertainment Blog

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Learn from the Best – Create a Successful Entertainment Blog

Entertainment blogging is so much more than talking about the latest celebrity news or gossip on television. Effective entertainment blogging is telling a showbiz story from a personal but thoughtful and sensitive point of view; think journalism rather than tabloid. One of my favorite entertainment blogs is ASK, by Flowell “Flow” Galindez. Learn how to create a successful entertainment blog from one of the best.
How did Flow create a successful entertainment entertainment blog? Here are his answers to the interview questions.

1. On the Inspiration Behind the Blog
Create a Successful Entertainment Blog Flow Galindez“Ang Sa Wari Ko or ASK started as my column in a student paper which I talk about everything from gadgets I checked and tried in department stores new in my school before, entertainment topics like movies and TV shows which I grew up with, and of course social issues that I find interesting to discuss. I consider my blog to be personal rather than entertainment even though others see it that way while for others it is a semi-tech consumer blog. The only thing that inspired me to give life to ASK (my blog) is my cravings to air my views, have my own online journal and hope someone might read it. “

2. On Staying Creative
“I have two reasons, first for a personal reason and that is ASK is my outlet of my thoughts, emotions, and views about everything. Madaldal akong tao (I am very talkative) and my blog is my way to express all of it even though sometimes it feels like you are shouting in an empty room because no one is reacting but when you see the retweet or Like it leads to my second reason for my readers. I may not have the full demographics of my blog but every time I see the Like or retweet via my twitter it fuels me to write better content for them. And of course I write topics which I believe in like brands and of course advocacy I support that will surely make your writing easier.”

3. On Engagement
“Give them better content which will capture their interest whether it’s entertainment-related content, gadgets and socio-political concerns. Content will always be the key in getting readers. Of course I have conversation with them with Twitter which I do a lot.”

4. On Growing Traffic
“Sharing is the key, share your post in your social networks and of course if you have interesting contents it will drive readers to your blog.”

5. On His Blog’s “Secret Formula”
“Seriously, “secret formula”? There’s no secret formula in having a blog but just keep in mind three things: dedication of what you are doing; treat your blog like your baby which I do. I nurtured it with good contents rather than negative stuff – those things drive readers away and will give impact on the credibility of your site. Second, be open to learning, don’t be afraid to ask because from there you will learn new things and it will help you a lot. And lastly share it to others your content in your social media accounts and learning to others. Be part of the cycle of sharing and learning because you will learn, teach others and gain friends. Don’t see blogging as competition with other fellow bloggers instead look at it as a responsibility to your readers to provide them content that will interest them.”