Bad Blogging Practices Which Hurt Your Blog

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Bad Blogging Practices Which Hurt Your Blog

Bad blogging practices, I would like to believe, are never done intentionally. However, you may not be aware that there are some things you are doing which contribute to low traffic and low number of readers. You can fix all of that right now.

Bad Writing
This should be a no-brainer but surprisingly, many bloggers still forget simple proof-reading as well as spell-checking their articles several times before publishing. There’s no need for a literary masterpiece but grammar and spelling should really be nothing less than perfect. You wouldn’t submit a poorly crafted resume to a job interview, would you? I didn’t think so. Spell-check and proof-read every paragraph!

Poor Design

There is a fine line between a carefully aesthetic blog and a garish one. Have a custom header and custom tabs if you wish – just make sure they fit the overall look of your blog and do not stick out like sore digital thumbs! Are the main categories easy to find? Is there a visible Contact button? Are the social share buttons clear to the reader? You could have the best content in the world but they must be housed in a readable site.
Too Many Pictures

Sure, this may not apply to photoblogs but consider limiting photos to four to six 600 x 450 pixels pictures per post. Photos take up valuable space in your hosting (not a problem if you’re on a free service) and take up valuable page load time. Speed is the key to capturing and engaging readers; don’t turn them off by making them wait more than a few precious seconds.

Excessive Widgets

In my opinion, pop-out social widgets and social share buttons are the new pop-up ads: they need to go! They make the reader work harder to get to the article, and repeat visitors may even be downright turned off. Simplicity and subtlety is the winning combination. Have your widgets by all means, but keep them minimal, non-invasive to the reader experience, and discreet.
A Virtual Billboard

Too many ads make a blog look cheap and is the worst of the bad blogging practices. This shouts that you need money so badly your blog peddles ad space for you. Have your ads, sure, but keep ads relevant, non-obstructive, and ideally not overpowering. Remember, your blog should be a display case (where you show off your expertise in the form of content) – not a store front.