A Short Guide to 7 Easy Facebook Hacks

You probably know one or two ways to make Facebook a more fun (and less annoying) experience. Here are seven Facebook tips and tricks which should let you have more time being social, and less time being annoyed.

7 Easy Facebook Hacks
1. Block Game Notifications
You’re playing a game on your mobile or your tablet and suddenly, the screen stutters – a small little notification on a game invite appears for the nth time. Don’t just switch off all notifications (you might still want some); block the actual game instead.

2. Remove “Instant” Distractions

easy facebook hacks – hide ticker

We love our notifications, and our generation has grown up on instant updates. When you’re working on something though (and Facebook needs to be open), make sure to disable the notification ticker for some “visual silence.”

3. Create Bookmarks

easy facebook hacks – save items

Saw something you really want to check out but you need to go? Use the “Save” function and use it as a reading list of sorts for the cool posts your friends share on their News Feeds. The Saved items can be accessed at any time after (see left of the image).

4. Prevent Morning Shocks

easy facebook hacks – tag review

When we are asleep, Facebook (and many of our friends) is not. Avoid waking up to see a tagged photo of yourself in an embarrassing situation on your News Feed (or any post you may be tagged in from automatically appearing) by filtering posts first using the Tag Review function. It’s also a great way to minimise multiple occurrences of the same posts being shared when you are being tagged several times.

5. Remove by not Removing

easy facebook hacks – unfollow friend

If you feel uncomfortable about removing a Facebook contact from your friend list, or you are just absolutely annoyed at the ridiculous posts s/he shares several times an hour, the Unfollow option is your best friend.

6. Filter the Post’s Audience

easy facebook hacks – filter by area

You probably know how to filter your audience already in terms of friend groupings. What if you could filter using location though? This could be very useful for geographically-specific posts, say when you’re looking for a certain place.

7. Share Like a Pro

easy facebook hacks –
Don’t just share everything on your News Feed; one friend’s funny joke might be incredibly offensive to another. Try sharing posts you see through a private message, or directly share something to a Facebook group you’re a part of. You won’t add to the clutter of Facebook News Feed and still enjoy great content with likeminded friends.