Top Ten YouTube Videos in the Philippines for 2013

YouTube videos are some of the most consumed content in the Philippines, with Filipinos consuming an average of a million hours of video daily. 2013 was an eventful year for official YouTube channels for musicians, as evidenced by this top ten YouTube videos in the Philippines for the year.

Top Ten YouTube Videos in the Philippines for 2013

Taking the third spot is local musician Basilyo’s “Lord Patawad” (Lord, forgive me), a groovy and funky number featuring numerous members of the Philippine hip hop community. Fluency in Filipino a must, to understand the context of the song.


The second-to-the-top YouTube video in the Philippines for the year is Katy Perry’s “Roar”. Personally, it’s one of my favorite ‘motivational songs’ of the year, and the covers on this are pretty good as well.


Finally, the most-watched YouTube video in the Philippines for 2013 is none other than Psy’s “Gentleman”. Having had a massively viral hit with “Gangnam Style”, the giant of viral music videos does it again with his spot-on formula of catchy beats and easy-to-mimic dance moves.


The complete list of the top ten YouTube videos in the Philippines:

  1. “Gentleman” – PSY
  2. “Roar” – Katy Perry
  3. “Lord Patawad” – Basilyo
  4. “Just Give me a Reason ft. Nate Ruess” – Pink
  5. “Wrecking Ball” – Miley Cyrus
  6. “Magkabilang Mundo” – Jireh Lim
  7. “Dove Real Beauty Sketches” – Dove USA
  8. “Buko” – Jireh Lim
  9. “Nasa Iyo na ang Lahat” – Daniel Padilla
  10. “Gentleman – waveya cover dance” – Waveya2011


From this top ten list, we can see that there are some key takeaways, as far as being a top video on YouTube is, for the Philippines.

  1. Music is a powerful vehicle. Nine out of ten in the list are either official music videos or music covers. With hundreds of millions of views, this should safely tell us that the average Filipino YouTube user must be consuming music-based video content.
  2. YouTube is a potent marketing tool in the Philippines. Filipinos are viewing videos that aren’t just viral locally, but those from ‘outside’ as well. Both local and international brands can and should take advantage of video’s popularity in the Philippine market – hand in glove with a catchy tune, perhaps?
  3. Local artists have massive online reach too. It’s almost a given that videos from big names like PSY’s or Katy Perry’s will pull in the view numbers but our local artists such as Jireh Lim (with two in the top ten) have some serious clout on YouTube. Something to watch out for and capitalize on.


What are your thoughts on this list of top ten YouTube videos in the Philippines for 2013?

Featured image via, retrieved on December 11, 2013.

Many thanks to Google Philippines and YouTube for the data and the list.

Top Ten YouTube Videos in the Philippines


Thanks for sharing the videos Jason!..Great list!!


I like Katy's Roar. Something new from her. I think it was a hit in our country because it's an upbeat motivational song. And was performed well by Katy at the MTV VMA, where she launched it in boxing style, which is different from her past performances.  

jsncruz moderator

@JubertSagun Hi Jubert, thanks for being such a regular on my blog! :) Glad you enjoyed this post!

jsncruz moderator

@Jerome_IbuyanI agree with you, Jerome :) Take a look at some of the covers on YouTube too, especially the one from Anthem Lights. Really good. Thanks for dropping by!