How to Adapt Social Content to Mobile-First on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Social media marketing should be nothing new to you or your brands by now. I am sure that social media marketing strategies are more or less locked down for you. For many of us, we have made social content and community management strategies designed for a desktop-based world. Is your social content ready to face the changing shift towards mobile social?

Is Your Social Content Ready for Mobile?

If you are, then you are definitely a step ahead. If not, here are some social content adjustments and changes you might want to apply to your current social media calendar, as well as content creation.

Facebook Content

  1. Short and Sweet. We have been used to maximizing Facebook’s long-format content posts for pages to publish detailed posts on our Facebook fan pages. Unfortunately, long updates are not very fun to read when on-the-go, and takes up time to digest properly. Thinking in tweets and cutting down status updates to 100-120 characters should help posts perform better.
  2. Text-only Updates. Images and other media have been bread-and-butter principles for Facebook fan pages for years; pictures speak a thousand words, and properly and beautifully used, can compel plenty of audience engagement. However, as data plans become more common and more accessible, data also seems to be slowing down. Make content consumable still by occasionally removing the image that might take a few more (precious) seconds to load – potentially losing out a social content viewer.

Twitter Content

  1. Even Shorter. By now, many social media managers have become proficient at telling stories with Twitter’s text message-length character count. Given that media is also becoming more often shared on Twitter (and makes Twitter streams more fun, I daresay), space must be given to let these links remain unbroken. 40-70 characters should be plenty for the main message, with space for a picture/video link, and maybe even a direct reply from a follower!
  2. The Timed Hashtag. Popular hashtags can last for a good number of minutes, if not hours. Trying to ride in “playable” hashtags (that is, easy to combine with oft-used words/situations) – provided there is a strong connection between brand/business and the hashtag AND it’s real meaning – could provide an instant and free boost towards both impressions (users who see your Twitter name) and engagement (possible retweets and/or favorites).

Instagram Content

  1. Photo Replies. With 200 million active users worldwide, Instagram is a powerhouse in its own right. Brands and consumers are already used to engaging privately on social media; Facebook private messages and Twitter direct messages come to mind, respectively. Instagram’s “Direct”, its take on private messaging, uses images rather than words. This could be a great way of responding to followers in a visual way, from promo winner announcements to a printed-on customer care ‘coupon’.
  2. First-Comment Discovery. If you are making social content more efficient and linking Instagram posts to a Facebook page, having two dozen hashtags on the image description looks cluttered, unprofessional, and downright ugly as a Facebook content post. Discovery through hashtags is important in Instagram, so a way around is to post a regular, text-only description with the picture, followed up by all the image’s desired hashtags as a first comment. Cleaner on Facebook, still effective on Instagram.

Facebook reports that as of March 2014, 53% of its ad revenue comes from mobile. Very believable when we consider that 22 out of the 34 million Facebook users in the Philippines access the social platform through a mobile device. Usage of Twitter and Instagram, both mobile-first platforms, are also steadily increasing still.

The trend for access is mobile, and so should the direction be for our social content.

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Is Your Social Content Ready for Mobile?

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