Link Building Strategies for Better Quality Traffic

It’s a fact that for your content to ‘get out there’ on the wide expanses of the Internet, you need to practice some high-quality blogging as well as tried and tested search engine optimization (SEO) methods. Honest link building strategies will help – allow me to share the secret of how I gained 22,000 impressions for October 2012.

Pro Link Building Strategies

Link building is undoubtedly an effective technique for increasing traffic. It’s so effective that ‘bad ways’ of gaining links have become industries upon themselves; link farms, reciprocal link sites, and ‘directories’, to name a few. Here are some link building strategies which I practice with my blog, and hence definitely work.

Guest Posting

I regularly write for five other blogs aside from this, my personal one. Since this is a niche blog, I post my “off-topic” articles on other sites. This accomplishes three things for me: first, I still get to write what I like; second, I build further reputation on other sites; and third, I can leave a ‘breadcrumb’ link on my article there. Of course, consider the website you are guest-posting for. Is it a reliable and reputable one? Will you be proud to be affiliated to it? If your answers are “yes”, then by all means add a little line on the post saying you also blog at [insert your URL here]. If you have know-how on a specific topic, don’t be afraid to approach blogs that accept guest posting – they could extend your influence more than you know!

Build Relationships with Niche Influencers

Here are two interesting facts: most of my Twitter followers are not from my home country (Philippines), and almost all of them are experts, authorities, and/or simply interested in social media and/or running, my two passions. This occurred because I want to learn so much about these topics that I religiously followed like-minded individuals. Now here’s the fun part: when I, in turn, share my insights on social media and/or running, these same people have found them compelling and interesting enough to share them both on their blogs and social networks! Focus on real human relationships and great content and eventually, some will take notice of your (high quality and impressive) work and use these as linked resource.

Be Genuinely Passionate

I can blog all I want about social media but if I don’t live and breathe it, it’s never going to pass any sort of litmus test. This is why I always encourage start-up bloggers to write first about things they can comfortably talk about at any given 2-minute lull. To be passionate at one discipline means you are (or will be) an expert on it. Eventually, you will have opportunities to conduct lectures, seminars, and academic talks – maybe even publish a book on your chosen niche. The point is, when you are an authority, your audience is more likely to link back to your work because they will find them useful, educational, and entertaining. Also, during said speeches, you can even upload transcripts or notes on your blog after, virtually guaranteeing some good link backs sourcing you.


  1. Post – on places other than your blog
  2. Position – yourself among pros
  3. Passion – is your blog’s foundation

Do you have other link building strategies which work well too? Share them in the comments!

Featured image from Google Keywords, retrieved on November 4, 2012.

Link Building Strategies jsncruz

Pro Link Building Strategies

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Tender Services 1 Like

Thanks for discuss.There is so much to know about power, our atmosphere, space, shade and providing.

rachelledramos 2 Like

I wish I have that courage to do a guest post. Two already have approached me for their travel blogs but I really don't have that confidence since my travel blog was barely 2mos old then. Maybe next time I'll give it a try. Thanks for these tips. :)

jsncruz moderator

 @rachelledramos You should really go ahead and just write! :) The fact that you were invited means you write quality and valuable content.

clairerafols 1 Like

Never done guest posting before. I guess I should give it a try. :)

rachel_paras123 2 Like

i gonna learn this sometime. Some terminologies are just new for me so this post is very helpful

jsncruz moderator

 @rachel_paras123 Blogging takes some time to build up the know-how and experience so don't worry about unfamiliar grounds right now. Good luck with your blogging!

Teresa Martinez
Teresa Martinez 1 Like

I have only done a couple of guest posts upon the request of my friends although I realize I should be doing it more often on my own initiative.

grasyah 1 Like

Thank you for sharing this post. Very educational for those who would want to raise traffic on their blogs.

PalRaine 1 Like

Another wonderful tips from our Social Media Guru. Thanks for this Sir Jason.

jsncruz moderator

 @PalRaine Oh, I'm no "guru" :) I just write my ideas as they come and are collected. Thank you as well for being such a regular reader.

robimrln 1 Like

These tips are very informative, comprehensive and perfect for social media practitioners. Thanks for keeping social media in a firm positive outlook. I hope others (who aren't listening yet) could reach this article. 

jsncruz moderator

 @robimrln That would mean all of you regular visitors of mine need to share this article far and wide! :)

nomer 1 Like

Hey, thanks for these tips! I've started out a niche blog and I hope to implement these strategies, especially guest blogging. More power to your blog! :D

jsncruz moderator

 @nomer alkasarski Thank you! Since you've already started as a niche blogger, it's time to seek out other like-minded bloggers and make some guest-posting arrangements!

DonaldPagulong 1 Like

Post on other blogs, yan ang kulang ko. Thanks for the helpful link info, Jason.

lovemindanao 1 Like

This is definitely a good wake up call on my part . Thanks for sharing your "secret" .. more power to you :)

deathliger3781 1 Like

Thanks for the great tip. This could help me build more traffic and make my articles be heard.

gemdenise2002 1 Like

I can see your passion indeed! Learning a lot from all your posts! Thanks for the takeaways! :)

jsncruz moderator

 @gemdenise2002 You're welcome! It's always a pleasure to be a source of helpful information :)

franckxethee 1 Like

It really takes time building an online reputation so it's good to start with something you are passionate about.  Your passion can really come up with interesting posts.  The next step is growing one's network through guest postings, followers and interacting with other bloggers as well.

jsncruz moderator

 @franckxethee I agree, a lot of time, in fact! The passion really does dictate what we can write well on, and establishes credibility too.

giay 1 Like

this are indeed great tips; haven't done guest posting but yes I will soon try and do it. For now I am building my set of followers on my social media accounts, and I think it is helping me establish networks, thanks!

jsncruz moderator

 @giay That's a really good start. Network with those of similar interests and you're well on your way in creating meaningful social relationships.

Rizza1 1 Like

Bagong picture, J! Nice shot!hehe... Link building is one of the challenges I need to learn, master and overcome with my bloggies. Ito ang isa sa mga "madaling sabihin-mahirap gawin" suits. Ayst! Sana meron short-cut to genuine traffic.

jsncruz moderator

 @Rizza1 Thank you, it's my company ID picture :) From personal observation, "short cuts" usually mean short-term gains but no long-term benefit for yourself and your readers. Creating a great blog takes months, even years, of hard work.

nomadmanager 1 Like

Great tips, Jason! :) Still finding the niche for my blog as well, but I'm also happy with the breadth of topics I can write about now as well. How to focus. :P

jsncruz moderator

 @nomadmanager Whenever I feel like writing on another topic, I guest post! :) Thank you for visiting my blog, appreciate the comment too.

ruthilicious 1 Like

Great stuff as always :) The problem is, I am not an expert in any topic.. I blog about things that I love, and do.. I notice that when I post a hotel review, different hotel accounts will follow me.. but I don't always post about this topic, so i worry they might have unfollowed me.. (and I am afraid to check) :D


One thing is for sure, I don't post about love drama =D

jsncruz moderator

 @ruthilicious Thanks for dropping by, Ruth. Hmm well, you may not think you're an expert on anything yet, but you are (or will be one). Just keep pursuing what you love - if it's hotels and/or travel, who knows, you could have one of the most extensive hotel review blogs in the country soon :)