What Are You Using Your Talents For?

Every person ever born has at least one talent. You have one, and you can use it to make a difference in someone’s life. Here is a rundown of some inspiring talent use!

5 Inspiring Talent Use for All


During runs, one thing a runner would find quite noticeable is the number of race wardens dotting the route. These people are very rarely paid for their efforts, and some of them are actually weekend warriors themselves (I have personally spotted elite runners just manning hydration stations or photo spots). They know the kinds of challenges the runners face, and by volunteering their time and energy, they actually lend valuable experience to the participants (cheering them on, handing water quickly, etc). Find something you’re good at, and instead of participating, volunteer to be a ‘backstage’ person.

Free Workshops

All too often, ‘experts’ charge an exorbitant amount for guests to learn something ‘valuable’. I have regularly seen dance workshops costing hundreds of pesos for a couple of hours get posted on Facebook. While I have nothing against artists, performers, and other professionals earning some good money for their talents, it is just not accessible to many who need it most. How about offering a free program once a month? One of the original hip-hop masters of the Philippines, Jmasta, gives my dance crew free lessons once a week – simply because he loves sharing his knowledge and expertise.

Raise Funds

Smooth talker? Social butterfly? Put those great people-skills to the ultimate test by raising finances for your favorite charities. There are so many of you out there who have thousands of contacts – friends, family, social networks – who may want to support causes that have hit walls and fallen in ruts because they have no more funding (or are running out of). Get out there and use your silver tongue and speak for those who can’t. Because you care, don’t you? Some great charities to raise funds for: Bantay Bata and Life Project 4 Youth.


When you want to reach out to more people from more places in the world, the Internet is your best friend. The millions upon millions of people, organizations, and institutions online at this day and age are your potential untapped connections and people-to-inspire. Your words on Twitter and your status updates on Facebook can – and occasionally does – make a difference in someone’s life. You don’t need me to tell you to be careful on what you post online, but sharing your expertise, what makes you feel good, inspires you, or gives you a positive vibe will help someone out there, I guarantee it.


At least once in your life, you will meet someone who needs kind words or bits of wisdom. You can be that person. Whether you’re a champion chess player, a star athlete, a shower-singer, or a sitcom-expert, there will always be one person who needs your opinion on something. Don’t be selfish! This is your chance to be remembered as the person ‘who gave much-needed advice’ or the friend ‘who showed me how to do this right’. I love the saying ‘Sometimes, you are the only Bible someone will ever read.’ Be as good an example as possible, and teach someone – anyone! – something important to you once in a while.

Featured image of champion basketball player and athlete Michael Jordan – one of the most inspiring men alive today, and who has, in one way or another, done each of the five above.

This post was inspired by the quote “Your talents are of no use unless they have inspired others to be better in one way or another” by Zee Carbonell.

Featured image from Digital Deconstruction, retrieved on November 28, 2012.

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5 Real-Life Inspiring Talent Use

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