How to Raise an Army on Social Media – Part 1: The Infantry

Perhaps the most beautiful thing about social media is how it enables just about anyone in the world to be heard. To be heard is a powerful thing, and in some instances, you and I have the immense power (and responsibility) to affect the way people think and act. The challenge is to be heard amidst the loud and often useless online chatter on social. It’s time to wage war on negative and useless news feed stories or tweets. It’s time to call in the army. YOUR army.

How to Raise an Army on Social Media

In any military force, the most stable and numerous are the infantry. From the beginning of time, this land-based arm of a military is responsible for taking over specific and strategic territories as well as going into the ‘nooks and crannies’ to win a war. How can you wage war – and win – against mediocre or downright useless competition? Send in the army.

Step 1 – Recruit

Think big numbers. You may have some of the most uplifting content shared on your social networking accounts and your blog but the problem is, even your friends and family don’t know this. Social proof has strong convincing powers, and your ‘home base’ troops (your friends and family) will be your proof. If you’re looking to spread and grow your influence on social media, be sure to get your existing network of friends to share your articles, re-tweet your content, and even view your vlogs on YouTube.

Step 2 – Training

Your infantry are the ones who are most loyal to you and your cause, and in turn, they are most likely to be the most forgiving. Need to experiment with a new tact on social? Have an interesting but controversial opinion you wish to write on? Test them out on your infantry first and see their reaction. This helps in training them (albeit subtly) on what you are about to dish out in the future, and trains YOU to adjust your content and increase the chances of being shared by your infantry.

Step 3 – Lead

The thing about the infantry is that they serve without much expectation, as far as rewards go. In the same light, your friends and family are often more than willing to share, Like, and re-tweet your content just because. The best way to give back to your loyal and powerful infantry battalion is to be their leader. Not just a leader, but theirs, literally, and out of your own free will. Do they have questions based on your expertise? Are they in need of your experience in a personal issue? This is the opportunity to help them out as a thank you, and establish yourself even more as a thought-leader – inspiring your infantry to be even more loyal to you and your cause.

How to raise an army on social media begins with asking who are the ones most loyal to you, and which channels do they already come in numbers? Find out these two, and you will have your infantry, ready to spread your content far and wide.

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Featured image from Marine Corps Times, retrieved on March 31, 2013.

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How to Raise an Army on Social Media – Part 1