Can This Simple Fitness Philosophy Change Your Life?

Many of us began the year with a resolution. Get promoted. Fall in love. Lose four inches around the hips. It’s also a fact that resolutions, especially health- and fitness-related ones, are much easier to make than keep – unless you have a fitness philosophy that can be applied daily and with as little fuss as possible. Here’s how I did it with my fitness community and our philosophy.

The 360 Fitness Philosophy

Fitness Philosophy - Gear Up For Life 360 Fitness Club

There are three truths about staying motivated. The first is that the battle to stay disciplined to be healthier is a hard one. The second is that the lack of consistency in our resolutions and self-promises prevents us from achieving personal success and goals. The third and final one is that we are more likely to stay motivated and disciplined if we were training (or doing anything) for something.

The answer to staying motivated is treating and seeing life as an event. To train for life.

Gear Up for Life

I have been into health, wellness, and fitness since 2011. Losing weight (about 40lbs) is one of the best feelings in the world, and it does make one feel like a champion. Running was my weapon in the war to stay healthy, but after some years, my mind and body looked for a different challenge. In September 2013, I signed up for my first gym membership.

What attracted me to this gym was the single-minded objective of both its staff and its community members: training for life (“living”, and not “the state of being alive”). This fitness philosophy, of ‘gearing up for life’, is achieved through the three-part vision of being efficient, holistic, and dynamic.

  1. The Efficient Approach. How much time are you willing to invest daily, to lose excess weight or to stay healthy? The short answer is thirty minutes. It’s much easier to stay motivated with a program that doesn’t eat into our day. The total-body circuit training program, the bread-and-butter of 360 Fitness Club, is done in 30 minutes.
  2. The Holistic Approach. Staying motivated means building up the mind and the spirit, on top of having a healthy body. 360 Fitness Club creates a holistic program by including numerous group classes daily, which help build a happy, fun, and community-centered environment to help members stay motivated. Classes include mind-sharpening dance sessions, as well as yoga practices.
  3. The Dynamic Approach. While consistency is key to long-term results, variation ensures boredom is kept at bay and motivation remains high. 360 Fitness Club changes its circuit program every three months, adapting to the growth and progress of members. New group classes are also introduced periodically, or are updated. As with any program, personal or professional, evolution and variation means constant challenge – and this is what makes us stronger!

The Life-Changing Fitness Philosophy

The philosophy of ‘training for life‘ might seem a bit dreamy for some, but I believe it’s the surest way to stay motivated. After all, when we treat life – living – as an event, we will be prepared and ready for any challenge any time!



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Can This Simple Fitness Philosophy Change Your Life?

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