Five Habits That Make You Fat

You’re Skipping Cardio While I am an advocate for long cardio sessions (I am a runner, after all), at least 20-25 minutes after a weights session […]

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Learn from the Best – Create a Successful Entertainment Blog

Entertainment blogging is so much more than talking about the latest celebrity news or gossip on television. Effective entertainment blogging is telling a showbiz story from […]

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Condura Skyway Marathon 2012 – Perspectives from the Other Side

The annual Condura Skyway Marathon is one of the most anticipated road races in the country. For one day a year, thousands of runners ranging from […]

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Are Community Management Specialists the Future of Social Media Marketing?

Community management specialists come in all shapes and spelling. Call them (us) community managers or social engagement specialists, the job is more or less the same: […]

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Case Study: Playing Fire with Facebook Page Guidelines

Promos and contests are fun and interesting ways for brands to increase engagement with Facebook fans, new and old. Aside from this, they also increase conversations […]

5 Kickass Ways to Beat Your Blog Competition

Creating a blog means entering one of the most competitive, fast-growing, and rapidly evolving fields in commerce today. So unless you intend starting a blog just […]

6 Things a Social Media Manager Wish You Knew

The social media manager (or a team of them) are playing ever-important roles within agencies, businesses, and organizations. They are ‘product specialists’, the ‘product’ being social […]

40 Lbs Later

Your body drops weight quite fast when you dive into a new cardio regimen; a good hour on the treadmill on a hill-setting can easily torch […]