Presentation Slides – ASPAC 2015 Conference

My presentation slides for the ASPAC 2015 Conference The Mind Museum, BGC, Philippines Here’s my presentation on creative storytelling through social media. If the slides do not play, you may view the presentation here: ASPAC 2015 Conference –

6 Points on How Google Turned Crowdsourcing into Fundraising

How do you create relevance for a search-based brand in a social-crazy country like the Philippines? Google Philippines and its partners taught us several things about creating impactful – and meaningful – relevance with its #GoogleMissKoNa campaign. Google Philippines is

Bad Blogging Practices Which Hurt Your Blog

Bad blogging practices, I would like to believe, are never done intentionally. However, you may not be aware that there are some things you are doing which contribute to low traffic and low number of readers. You can fix all