Enters Mobile with the Freelancer App

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One of the world’s biggest freelance markets in the world,, introduced its own mobile app recently. With mobile accounting for 15% of website page views for their site, and with mobile visits increasing by 297% in one year, this move makes perfect sense.

How to Adapt Social Content to Mobile-First on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Mobile Apps - mobile world jsncruz

Social media marketing should be nothing new to you or your brands by now. I am sure that social media marketing strategies are more or less locked down for you. For many of us, we have made social content and community management strategies designed for a desktop-based world. Is your social content ready to face […]

Why It’s Awesome to be a Coke Fan on Social Media

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Music, for all its universal appeal to “the social media capital of the world”, has not really been given a way “to be social.” That changed this week, as Coca-Cola Philippines gives exclusive access to the music-streaming platform Spotify to its fans first – for free.

The First Tweets of Brands on Twitter

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Plenty of brands are ‘old-timers’ on Twitter. Some of them boast hundreds of thousands of followers now, and incredible value to their businesses in terms of engagement and social listening. These brands, giants now on Twitter, came from humble beginnings – starting with that first tweet.

Social Media Disaster of 2014 Contender – The Forced Hashtag

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Hashtags are great for both content organization and discovery. They allow us to ‘bucket’ similar topics together, and find similarly-linked interest topics easily. They are also easy to misuse, ending up forced, inauthentic, and loses the entire meaning of the message entirely. Take a look at this example and learn how to use a hashtag […]

The 3 Essential Rules of Work and Social Media

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We have all seen it: the uncomfortable and awkward status update from a friend, complaining about his boss. Then there are ‘professional goof-ups’, like when the company’s social media manager forgets which account was logged in before tweeting a rant. Here’s how to stay professional – and classy – on social media.

How to Prevent a Social Media Backlash

jsncruz The Most Serious Social Media Mistakes People Make

Social media influencers, primarily bloggers, play a very important role in any brand or organization’s digital campaign. Bloggers, however, represent ‘the third-party’, and this means relationships with them (pre-campaign or after) must be managed very well – or risk destroying a campaign. How can we manage blogger-led campaigns better? Let’s learn from the widely circulated […]

Do You Want to Build a Snowman? – The Real-life Story of a Viral Sensation

G ka ba to Build a Snowman

It’s not a stretch to say that every second blogger, brand, or business want ‘something to go viral.’ “Going viral” has been one of the most important, albeit vague, objectives for many individuals or businesses looking to market their personal brands, but it isn’t always the easiest thing to plan for. Read this interview of […]

Social Media Event – Free Workshops

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This month, three institutions of education have combined forces to bring about free workshops on social media and online education. iACADEMY School of Continuing Education, in partnership with the International Institute of Digital Marketing (IIDM) and the Certified Digital Marketer (CDM) Program, is holding a free learning event. This is open to the public, with […]

7 Reasons to Learn Digital Frameworks

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Digital marketing in the Philippines is ever-growing in importance, a critical field to master for transitioning companies and businesses. To face this changing landscape, the Certified Digital Marketer (CDM) program educates and equips marketers and prepares them to meet this challenge head on.