The Pros and Cons of Using Sensational Blog Titles

sensational blog titles

We’ve seen it all before – an incredible, heart-stopping article headline that simply begs to be clicked. Unfortunately, amazing and sensational blog titles more often than not leave much to be desired, in terms of both content quality and educational/entertainment value. 

NEWS: Leading Car Classified Carmudi Launches the Carmudi Android App

Mobile Apps - mobile world jsncruz

Carmudi, the world’s fastest growing online car classified, is all set to change the experience of shopping for car enthusiasts globally. The online car classified has launched a mobile application which will allow users to browse thousands of cars on the go.

Lost and Found – A Social Media Story (This Will Make You Smile)

Surfer Traits for Positive Thinkers jsncruz

Social media is often rife with negative stories. Murders, robberies, starving children, war – you name it, you will see it on your social news feeds and streams. It’s pretty cool and uplifting then when a situation which could have ended negatively for a camera owner became one that definitely puts the faith back in […]

Do Bloggers and Social Media Marketing Campaigns Go Well Together?

jsncruz Why Change Blog Names

This is it. Your social media marketing campaign has a solid strategy. You have an incredible creative idea. You’ve selected your social platforms well. How about promoting it? When it comes to raising awareness and engagement for a social media marketing campaign, bloggers could be your best allies.

Ultimate Guide: How to Ruin Your Career (And What You Can do About It)

Great Facebook Pages jsncruz

One of the quotes I like the best talks about how actions become habits, and how habits become character. I am an observant person, and in the few years I have spent building my young career, I have noticed some seemingly innocent habits become fatal character flaws. Whether or not you are a young professional, this […]

5 Wrong Ways to Create Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Worst Social Media Mistakes

Let’s face it – the idea of what social media marketing is often basic. At best, it is understood as using social media to communicate something to consumers. At worst, it’s “let’s post something on Facebook.” Social media marketing isn’t necessarily difficult to learn but it does need to be done right. Here are some of the […]

5 Ways Your LinkedIn Account Can Help with Your Growth, Presence, and Knowledge

Boost Online Traffic with Social Media image by Nan Palmero linkedin

Professional networking platform LinkedIn is almost always associated with fresh graduates or human resources specialists. As one of the most-used social platforms in the world, you could be missing out on some great ways LinkedIn can help with both your business’ social media campaigns, or your own personal growth.

How to Break the Internet – The KitKat Tweet and Facebook Downtime

KitKat Tweet Facebook Downtime

The KitKat tweet today, witty and almost cheeky, brought back memories from the historic Superbowl blackout content published by Oreo. Here’s a look at how the brand created for itself both admiration from netizens around the world and social media marketers at large.